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Adoptable - Original speices by QueenKona Adoptable - Original speices :iconqueenkona:QueenKona 0 11 Adoptable 2 by QueenKona Adoptable 2 :iconqueenkona:QueenKona 1 8 Adoptable - Open by QueenKona Adoptable - Open :iconqueenkona:QueenKona 2 3 Too loud? too bad by QueenKona Too loud? too bad :iconqueenkona:QueenKona 0 6
can't stop time - oc poetry
Days have been winding down
I can't help but feel like a clown
for hoping to stop whats going to be
I want to know the future I will never see
I'm dying without a hope
falling with no rope
Where are you?
I wish it wasn't through
Where are those sunny day wishes?
Wheres the passionate kisses?
Where did our wishes for tomarrow go?
I wish I could stitch it all back but I can't sew
My hands are shaking
I'm breaking
I want you to hold me one last time
Its such a crime
How much I love you
I don't want you to say you love me too
Because I'm dying here
I had so many fears
Its growing colder by the day
In my mind I here the words we didn't say
All I see is red
laying here in bed
My feet are slipping so come stop me
because there is a point in life I can't see
if I'm going to die anyway
I want to forget the words we used to say
We are no more
Blood drips down on the floor
If you could I wish you could bring me back
but thats a skill you lack
So say goodbye to me one last night
I can't fight
:iconqueenkona:QueenKona 2 9
character profile by QueenKona character profile :iconqueenkona:QueenKona 1 11 emi character hairstyle by QueenKona emi character hairstyle :iconqueenkona:QueenKona 0 4 hotaru's orb by QueenKona hotaru's orb :iconqueenkona:QueenKona 0 12 mizu in a bottle by QueenKona mizu in a bottle :iconqueenkona:QueenKona 0 9 eh its progress by QueenKona eh its progress :iconqueenkona:QueenKona 0 9 ooo shiny new game engine by QueenKona ooo shiny new game engine :iconqueenkona:QueenKona 0 7
Twisted tales redhooded murder
In the woods lays a black wolf amoungst the trees
In his eyes all in the forest he sees
Greedy child with fiendish plan
In her basket bones of a murdered man
His eyes seen all her sins
coat flapping behind her like a fish's fins
She stained her coat bloody red
A dead body lays at home in bed
Wolf can not let the twisted soul stay
She would taint the forest with her way
Wolf rushes to the next victims house
next victim in hiding told to be like mouse
Murder arrvives innocent smile
she acts innocent plotting all the while
She see through his guise
the snake is wise
Her true face shows knife in hand
Every hit makes it harder for wolf to stand
She ripps off wolfs lower jaw
with a smile she will lie to the law
Victim tries to scream
of a savior they can only dream
Framed the wolf then said wolf killed by axman
No one sees the blood on the pan
Wolf is in land of the dead
"live" the witch said
One eye missing wolf awakens in the wood
"Wolf do as you should"
were the witch's words as she pet
:iconqueenkona:QueenKona 0 4
Goodbye rainy days
Im tired of being frozen in time
My want of such things in your eyes are crimes
I used to feel love towards you
Now those days are through
You smashed my heart
in to so many parts
All the peices reflecting back what used to be
How many tears of mine do you want to see
Our pasts are both painted red
what happened to those loving words you said
You always said you'd love me no matter what
Now to you I'm just a dirty mutt
You told me to die for what I am
you who have killed a many innocent lamb
Our red turns to black
theres no going back
You weren't there for me
You never were now I see
So goodbye tonight
Its not all right
Goodbye to this tearful future with you
I don't know if I'm glad or sad that its through
Goodbye to our breakfasts togther
Goodbye to rainy wheather
:iconqueenkona:QueenKona 0 3
poetry drabble
Our love is Black and white
Our love is dark as night
Our love is bright like the sun
Our love is quite fun
Colors are what you gave me
a hope for better is what you see
We met by chance
last time we met was a dance
I want to see you again so come
I won't mind waiting some
but hurry I miss you
Do you miss me too?
it seems I got myself in a bad situation once more
My legs sore
from yesterday's fall
tell me if you'll call
I'm struggling without a hero
Please don't let the counter reach zero
I'm waiting to here your voice
so please come its your choice
:iconqueenkona:QueenKona 1 4
I'm scarred of the past
I'm scarred things don't last
I need to hear that voice from my dreams
I'm looking for the impossible it seems.
The voice that saved me from falling
for me are you calling?
Do you exist in this world like a light in the dark
feelings so strong you did spark
When I felt like the world was turning away from me
I thought of your voice you see
I need to find you more and more
as I sit here while at me feelings tore
I can't say I love you because we've never met
I can't say I've found you yet
I'm scarred that everythings turning sour
I need you at this hour
cruel words are like knives
is this really how they live their lives
I'm breaking
no longer a smile can I be faking
I feels so betrayed
but I knew didnt I that the paths been layed
Inside I'm crying
outside I'm lying
My tears betray me
through tear-stained lens I can't see
Why can't I say I'm fine
why can't I say these tears arent mine
I'm lost where are you?
Maybe your sad too
too many things pile up suffocating
:iconqueenkona:QueenKona 0 9
devid by QueenKona devid :iconqueenkona:QueenKona 0 2


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Artist | Literature
United States
Ummm well hi Im a writer / artist but my art never gets posted. I dream to be famous and stuff. Oh and I pwn you not really. I have a tendecy of extreme happiness then depression but most of the time I'm hyper online. The things I write are songs,poems,and short stories. I write first person or third person.

Current Residence: None of your business
Favourite genre of music: Rock and roll
Favourite style of art: Anime
MP3 player of choice: Cd player
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey mouse
Personal Quote: Smile cause ya never no when the world will end
I fixed everything but then I realized I needed some help. We need a begining theme song and an ending theme song. Also items you want to see in game might be nice and clothing. So are you guys up to it?

Item request sheet-
What does it look like?:
What does it do?:
Shop or drop?: (drop items only are aviable after fights)
Do you want it to link to an event?: (only one event link item per person)

Clothing request sheet-
What does it look like?:
Does it have any bonuses?:
How do you want it obtained?: (event earned clothing one per person too)
Price if in shop or sold?:
Character type: (Playable or NPC party member)

Music sheet-
Name of song:
Secondary choice (if not getable by me):
  • Listening to: nickleback
  • Reading: Story by robert McKee
  • Watching: what I type?
  • Playing: videogames
  • Eating: >.< nothin unfortuately
  • Drinking: pepermint tea woooot



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